Free Online Video Editing Courses – 5 Incredible Recommendations

Free online video editing courses

Video editing is a very practical field and the proof of your video editing skills does not depend on a certificate but on your already accomplished tasks. So getting acquainted to the video editing world through a free online video editing course is highly recommended, as this will provide you with the skills necessary to create your first project.

You Don’t Need A Certificate

Most free online video editing courses do not give a certificate upon the completion of this course but when I was looking for video producers for my first film project, my partner and I never asked a single potential employee about a degree or certificate, we were more curious about their past projects and that was our deciding factor.

With that said, let’s get to the list;


. Over a million videos are uploaded daily on YouTube with tutorial videos being of the most popular videos. I am certain your first search of video editing tutorials will give you search results in the millions. Now the question is how to pick out the good from the pile of not so good but this is neither an issue due to the result of the YouTube algorithm which puts the highly rated videos on the first page.

To lightened your quest and make your research process easier, I will be listing some of my favorite free online video editing courses on YouTube;

1. Adobe Premier Pro and Flora – Deep Thabal

Unlike most free online video editing courses, this YouTube channel provides video editing guides for both adobe premier pro and filmora users. This is a channel which I have definitely spent hours on, watching videos which were not my initial pursuit. The variety is overwhelming and after reaping the fruits of the previous videos, watching the next deep thabal recommended video is an easy decision to make.

Sometimes I do visit this channel when I am short of creative ideas and this has been an incredible source of inspiration, watching this channel has increased my appreciation for Flora, despite its relatively limited function.

2. Film Riot

This is a YouTube channel with over 950 videos which will provide you with tips and tricks which cover the entire video production cycle, that is preproduction, filming and post-production. In addition to this, this channel has review videos which will guide you prior to purchasing any production tool.

They frequently also take us behind the scenes of their own production process, which is very influential especially for beginners, as this tells you what to expect and how to overcome certain production challenges.

And to clear any doubts about their capabilities, hey have also uploaded some of their finishing product on their channel which gives you a glimpse of what you can achieve if you follow the steps they provide on their channel.

In addition to this, their videos also target varying audiences from the high to low budget producers with different levels of experience.

B.Vimeo – Video School

Vimeo is a platform which in many ways is like YouTube, users have the ability to both upload and view videos for free. In addition to this vimeo has a blog in which tips are being shared on topics like business and video creation under a page called video school.

This is definitely a recommended free online editing course for all levels of video producers. This information provided by highly experienced video producers will definitely help step up your editing game.

C. Alison Courses

Alison courses is an online learning platform with over 1000 high quality courses, available along numerous distinct categories one of those being video editing. My search led me to one available free online video editing course on this platform, which is designed for users of Adobe premier pro.

D. On The Editing Software Websites.

On the websites of some video editing software like Hitfilm, which is a software highly similar to Adobe premier pro, you can have access to tutorial videos to get you started. Get Started With Hitfilm.

Also, on downloading the filmora editing software and purchasing the license, you are provided with several tutorial videos to begin your journey.

Stay Up To Date – Art Of The Guillotine

A website which might also be beneficial in their quest to find free information to improve their video editing skills. Art of the Guillotine (Aogt) is a platform which provides you with updates in the video editing world. In this field, like many creative scientific fields, staying up to date is highly essential, as every day thousands of video producers keep working on creative ideas, so your yesterday knowledge might sometimes seem outdated and in need of some improvement in order to stay on course.

Aogt also has a podcast called the cutting room were you can listen to people in this field to guide and inspire your steps.

The Free Courses Trap.

Free online video editing courses give some tips but the creators of these courses usually save some tips up their sleeves and ask you to take a step further to pay for more knowledge ans since you feel so grateful and impressed by what they have already shared for free, the is a 70% chance you will go for the paid programs.

Paid Video Editing Courses.

As you go down this road, it is important to note these paid online video editing courses which price range from $15-$20.This courses are highly beneficial to the creators and they get more students based on recommendations from past students who have gone through their courses, with this in mind they put more effort in providing you with a lot of value. So when you have gotten the start up knowledge from free online video editing courses and have made some income from the skills acquired, it might be wise of you to invest in some paid courses which are sure improve your skills, as you will have access to some hidden tricks of the experts.

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