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Spend Nothing For Plenty

As you get into the world of video editing one of the challenges you will face is the price of the editing software and I will certainly tell you that purchasing a software before you get familiar with the video editing process, enough to decide whether this is the world for you or not is a very unwise step to take, I will recommend you begin with something which has no financial impact and easy enough to encourage you on. In that regard, I will be introducing some easy, free video editing software for window users.

Bonus of using Free Video editors

Throughout the period of using easy, free video editing software for window, especially the first two, I never had any need to seek for an update of my laptop which at the time was a 4GB Ram with a storage speed of about 500GB. I edited my various projects to completion with efficient processing speed and bearable exporting time. The challenge began when I upgraded to more advanced software. So my advice to you is easy free video editing software for windows are best for you start on a low budget as you will not only be saving on the software but will also be saving more by avoiding the need of a laptop upgrade.

Windows Movie Makers

At the top of my list of easy, free video editing software for windows is windows movie maker as I will forever remain grateful to this basic software which prompted my love for video editing as it does contain a lot of creative effects, text and transitions which really spices up your video, enough to make you proud of the work you put in and trust me this feeling of satisfaction after the completion of any video editing project is very important for your continuous commitment, inspiration and will to take up future projects.

This easy to navigate free video editing software with all its added benefits has one shortcoming which sent me searching for a paid software, which was the inability for the users to add a layer on the video, that is either a picture or a video. Other than this, windows movie maker is highly recommended

Download Windows Movie Maker

VSDC free video editing software

This is a free video editing software which is not very user-friendly but has several functions which are not found on other free video editing software. Unlike so many others, this software gives you the function of adding video layers and applying the green screen effect. I used this software for a few weeks but had to switch to another alternative due to the relative longer length of time and steps needed for the completion of tasks. Despite this shortcoming, using this software took my videos a step closer to looking professional and creative.

Download VSDC for free


Hitfilm is a video editing software which is very similar to adobe pro and the paid version has more advanced functions which takes you step closer to that professional level. The free version is perfect for beginner film makers who plan to move on to adobe when they have a higher budget, as they both have similar steps to accomplish similar tasks. This software requires a computer with a high processing speed in order to have a smooth playback or faster rendering time. So I will not recommend this for starters who do not have the budget for at least an 8GB RAM.

How To Get Hitfilm Free Version.

  1. Go to the Hitfilm website. Click Here
  2. Click on the Get Hitfilm Express Free button.hitfilm free download
  3. Share to any of your social media platform listed.
  4. Fill in the form provided.
  5. Get the download link from the email sent to you.


Kendlive is a very popular video editing software among users of the Linux operating system. In fact, I started using this software during my short period of using Ubuntu and when I reunited with windows, I decided to continue using this software, well cause it was possible and it had many advanced functions like the green screen effects and most importantly for me was the ability to add video or image layers.

Honestly, I will not call endive an easy to use software because it a relatively complex route to get to similar functions but at the end of the day with patience, a high quality, professional looking end result is definitely attainable, I once edited a music video using this software.

Download Kendlive

Build A Strong Foundation

These free online video editing software are a limited but highly efficient way to acquire the ground knowledge ,we will need to go further in the video editing world.This software;

  • Gives you an opportunity to experiment on some of your learning.
  • It makes you test your love and commitment to the video editing world.
  • It inspires you to believe in your ability to create and motivates you to invest in the acquisition of tools to improve your creativity.





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