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10 Best Laptops For Under $300 In 2019

My Amazing laptop for under $300 For the past year, I have been using a Dell laptop for under $300 and it really gets the job done. I use it for; Blogging. Browsing Studying online Streaming movies on Netflix creating documents. Editing audios on fruity loop and Cubase Web designing with atom for a short

Easy, Free video editing software for windows

Spend Nothing For Plenty As you get into the world of video editing one of the challenges you will face is the price of the editing software and I will certainly tell you that purchasing a software before you get familiar with the video editing process, enough to decide whether this is the world for

Free Online Video Editing Courses – 5 Incredible Recommendations

Video editing is a very practical field and the proof of your video editing skills does not depend on a certificate but on your already accomplished tasks. So getting acquainted to the video editing world through a free online video editing course is highly recommended, as this will provide you with the skills necessary to


Hi there, welcome to my website. The goal of this site is to introduce video producers and photographers to tools and tips which will help them up their producing game. MY VIDEO PRODUCING JOURNEY I am a relatively new video producer, who is very enthusiastic about delivering high-quality products to my clients, as such, I