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Over my years of editing, I have used numerous Home video editing software. As the years went by the reason for my choice in Home video editing software changed from just wanting a basic function video editor (most free video editors) to wanting something more complex with more functionalities but still affordable. This dual factors governed my choice of the filmora video editor.

Why Filmora Is Better?

Filmora iconAs you walk through your video editing journey, you will be able to decide which home video editing software is best for you, depending on your budget, the functions you want to apply to your videos and your present video editing skills. I will be highlighting the benefits of filmora in order to help you make a well-informed decision whether this is the video editor for you. Before we proceed, I would like to remind you that, as you make your choice, bear in mind that an editing software gives you the tools and guides your creativity but the results of the finishing product depends on you should be going with a software which provides this tools while simultaneously giving you room to create something unique to your own brand.

Software For Windows and Mac.

Unlike some video editors, filmora can be used both on windows and mac computers. I was introduced to the video editing word due to my strong desire to improve the quality of the videos on my YouTube channel. The basic free video editors which I used at the time lacked numerous high video quality essential functions like; green screen effects and color grading, which prompted me to go on an internet search for video editors with these functions.

Numerous online sources recommended final cut pro which could not be used on my present windows laptop. A deeper search led me to filmora which could be used both on windows and mac computers and it also met up with the functionality criteria.

Relatively Low Cost.

My decision to buy the filmora Home video editing software was highly influenced by the price of the video editor. As a YouTube who made very little money from adsense, the financial factor was a major limiting factor in my quest to improve the content on my channel.Filmora which only cost $50 for a lifetime license was definitely an awesome deal for me.

Similarities To Top Home Video Editing Softwares.

One of my worries, when I bought the filmora video editor, was the lack of some functionalities found on more advance editors like final cut pro but as I dove into the filmora video editing world, I was able to use filmora to do a lot of awesome video tricks and effects. All I need to do is watch a tutorial on how to perform said effect, these tutorials are usually filmed using more advanced video editors but it could also be done using filmora. Sometimes it takes a longer time and unlike the more advance software it’s not as simple as a press of a button but filmora gets the job done.

Easy To Use.

It is very understandable how getting into introduced into the video editing world can be overwhelming with all the numerous terms used and skills needed.Filmora frees you of all of this burden with its easy to navigate working space and function labels. In addition to this, on the purchase of your filmora license, you will be flooded with several easy to follow filmora tutorial videos to get you started, these videos include a tour of the various filmora functions and tools. These points highlighted above has led to this software earning the title “Beginner’s friendly software”.

Filmora workspace

Regular Updates.

After the purchasing of your lifetime license from the wondershare website, you will be regularly informed of the availability of new versions of the software accessible to you Also you will receive messages on the software telling you of the availability of effects and more available for purchase at the wondershare website for purchase, which will definitely step up your video quality and inspire more creativity.

Reviews from Numerous Users.

Adding to the above benefits of filmora, some functions which lead to more pro looking videos is the video on video option and the advanced video text editing function which gives users the opportunity to create highly creative and unique text.

About a year ago, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel, guiding viewers on how to make reaction videos using filmora video editing software. This video presently has over 30,000 views and 98 comments, most being from viewers who implemented the steps illustrated on their purchased filmora software, they all had a positive experience using the software.

As I mentioned in the beginning filmora video editor is awesome for you, who is just getting started with a low budget. You can use filmora to edit music videos and other income finding venture and if you deem it necessary you can invest in buying a more advanced video editing software. As you dive deeper into the video editing field with a growing list of clients giving deadlines and out of this world, complex request a more advanced video editor with more functions and faster routes to meet up with goals might become more and more necessary and only you can make that decision on the right time for this. Even at this stage, having the lifetime filmora license can still prove handy as there are some functions or some results which are unique to filmora.

If you are not yet convinced about this video editor, it might interest you to know that downloading filmora is free from the wondershare website. So you can download it, browse through its various functions before finally taking the step to buy it in order to remove the watermark on your exported video. In addition to that, a library of over 30 copyright free songs, creative filters, advanced text all geared towards enhancing your video quality.

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